Track and monitor your moods. Positively impact your health. Validate your goals.

Keep track of your personal wellness with Mood Journal Plus.

Mood Journal Plus was written for you by someone who knows what it is like not being able to find a resource helpful and detailed, yet simple enough, for personal use and even for medical visits. It can be used by anyone who wants to positively impact the way they feel or to increase their enjoyment in life by tracking their moods and their personal wellness.

What’s in Mood Journal Plus?

  • Emergency & Medical Info. This information is vital in the event that you need assistance. Who do you want to be involved in your care? Who are your providers?
  • Medication List. This serves as an important tool for both you and your practitioner in order to best assist you with managing your medications.
  • Safety Plan. Recognizing signs of crisis or changes, finding positive outlets, and including important people in your life will help deter unsafe circumstances.
  • Crisis Plan. A crisis plan helps you be proactive in your recovery. Here you can list the Three W’s. What does it look like when you’re not well. Who you want to help in times of crisis. Where would you like to be (or not to be).
  • Track Your Goals. Establish goals to improve your overall wellness by listing concrete things to work toward.
  • Mood Chart & Journal. Track your moods and medical info daily. Four month journal.
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About the Author

Erica is a mental health professional and a human services-board certified practitioner. She has extensive education in the field of psychology, human services, health care, and business.

Erica also lives with mental illness. With family support, therapy, medication, and hard work, she has become stable and an advocate for people in similar situations.

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